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Main Banquet Guest



Mata Hari House opened its doors at the beginning of 2022. Our ultimate goal was to create a truly special place in which community could connect and celebrate life's milestones. Mata Hari House has a unique and intimate layout with various rooms and adjustable furniture, so that the space feels like home. We work with a wide array of caterers, designers, and teachers so that our clients can elevate their event all in one place. Mata Hari House represents various artists and works in the space. We even offer our guests an interactive gallery walkthrough and the ability to take home art at the end of their event. We are here to take the plannings pains out of your next event.


Mata Hari House is made up by an ever expanding network. We work with a wide array of vendors, event planners, artists, & musicians. Interested in connecting your business? Send us email to learn more.

Manager & Events
Collette Flowers

Bookings / Tours / General Info

Jessa Malinao

Events Coordinators
Caverly Manning
Ian Campbell

Head of Catering
Sharon Burns 

Internship Program

Mata Hari House is currently seeking
new interns & coordinators for 2024.
Please contact to learn more.

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