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Meze Pop-Ups

It's undeniable that online small businesses are on the rise. Ironically, we live in a world eager for experiential advertising. With the business world shifting, the way we operate must shift to sustain both consumers and business owners. Meze House is a new kind of satellite business that gives B to C online companies the ability to test as a temporary brick and mortar. In addition, we offer in house marketing, brand alignments, and a beautifully curated location. Our goal is to create opportunities for small businesses to gain exposure and support without long term obligation of a lease and to reduce the labors of organizing and marketing an event. We strategically pair our pop up events based on a common target market, thus attracting a specific group of consumers and driving sales and exposure to all involved parties. Meze House offers an affordable solution in which multiple businesses can thrive together.

Aligning Your Brand

 Meze house works hard to provide the perfect brand alignment based on target market so that your brand can be seen by the right people. When brands work together, we cultivate connection and grow our audience.

What We Offer

  • Thoughtfully sourced brand alignments 

  • Private pop-up kick-off party including our live music, food and beverage package.

  • Three full days of pop-up retail space

  • A curated location to fill your business's needs.

  • PR outreach

  • Designed social content 

  • Archival Photography of both kickoff party and pop-up event

  • Physical printed invitations to be distributed throughout the Dallas area

  • The opportunity to show up as the face of your brand. 


Each business participant will be advertised through the collaborating business owners social media.

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