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Let’s introduce you to our muse, Mata Hari. First off, her name is a Malay expression for the sun, literally translated as “eye of the day.” (Okay, love her already.) She served as a double agent in WWI, seducing military men with her dance moves and prowess. In 1917, her espionage ventures came to an end when she was sentenced to die by a firing squad. Rumor has it, she even declared “I am ready” and blew a kiss to her killers.


During a time when women didn’t have too much agency, Mata Hari’s creativity challenged the “typical” expectations of society. She’s the femme fatale we know and love, and let’s be real--she looks pretty badass on a pegasus.


Mata Hari’s bizarre life experiences, coupled with the friendly space we offer, is what we hope to be the recipe for a place that feels like home. That’s why we’re called Mata Hari House.

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