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Decor Rentals

At Mata Hari House, we see the value in creating special moments through spacial design. With the use of light, texture, and height, each area has been curated to provide the client with specialty options for a truly elevated aesthetic. Make party planning and setup a breeze when you book at Mata Hari House.

Check out our decor options which are now available when booking your event at Mata Hari House.

Contact us today for more info, pricing, & availability.

Activate the Space


Make an entrance with our curated varietal sets of vases, candlestick torches,

and pillar candles. Located in the front of MHH next to the door (set up inside

or outside depending on preference and weather). All packages include our

"Welcome Table", designed with warm lighting and hurricane vases.


The perfect pairing to your black or white tablecloths include our dazzling combination of elegant glass votives, bases, and vases. Pick out your favorite florals and our team will arrange them upon arrival.


We offer brilliant and tall light fixtures to elevate our standing art deco bar.

Rather the bar be hosted in our Main Banquet, Tea Room, or the Patio, these toppers create a luminous and moody look for your evening event.


Sweeten and plate your confections with our chic dessert set. Our tiered servers create a compelling variety of heights and textures to deliver a dynamic arrangemnt for all kinds of dessert setups.

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